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Candlelit Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 24th at 10:30 am, livestreamed to YouTube from the Sanctuary.

Celebrate Christmas Eve by candlelight with First Parish! Rev. Catie and Darrah will lead our service with traditional liturgy and non-traditional UU theology. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe “each night a child is born is a holy night” (Rev. Sophia Lyon Fahs), and this year we especially celebrate the prophet Jesus’s ministry of love. Our First Parish Choir, under Laura and Chris’s direction, will offer music. For folks participating on YouTube and Zoom, you’re encouraged to bring your own candle, candle emoji, or candlelit background for the singing of Silent Night.

Previous Sermons

One Source, Many Beings

Reading 20180513_0634-one-source-reading Homily 20180513_0634-one-source-catie-homily "One Source, Many Beings" PDF Worship Service May 13, 2018 10:30 in the Sanctuary One Source, Many Beings  All living beings are interconnected, springing forth from the earliest...

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Agents of God’s Peace

Story 20180429_0631-peace-institute-story Sermon 20180429_0631-peace-institute-sermon Worship Service April 29, 2018 Chaplain Tina Chéry and Rev. Wayne S. Daley In the face of violence and unimaginable heartbreak, how do we hold out hope of mercy and healing, and walk...

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Poetic Recreation

20180422_0629-earth-day Worship Service April 22, 2018 Rev. Catie Scudera preaching In the Hindu Trimurti/Tridevi, Vishnu and Lakshmi preserve and prosper all beings, Shiva and Parvati destroy and transform everything, and Brahma and Saraswati create and recreate the...

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Awe and Fear

20180415_0627-awe-fear-sermon "Awe and Fear" PDF Worship Service April 15, 2018 Rev. Catie Scudera preaching In modern times, we use the word “awesome” to describe something in a very positive light. But, sometimes when we are struck with awe, we are actually made...

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The Promised Land

20180408_0625-promised-land-homily "The Promised Land" PDF Worship Service April 8, 2018 Rev. Catie Scudera preaching April 4, 2018 is the fiftieth anniversary of Dr. King’s tragic assassination, right in the midst of Passover. Remembering that Dr. King’s final sermon...

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Joke’s on You, Death!

20180401_0624-multigen-easter-catie-homily "Joke's on You, Death!" PDF Worship Service April 1, 2018 9:00 am Family Friendly Worship 10:00 am  Shared Social Hour & Egg Hunt 11:00 am Adult Worship In the Sanctuary Rev. Catie Scudera preaching For the first time...

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Are You Adjustable? Wisdom from the Khasi Hill

20180318_0621-adjustable-eva-sermon Worship Service March 18, 2018 10:30 in the Sanctuary Rev. Eva Cameron preaching Rev. Eva Cameron, a friend of Rev. Catie from their mutual love of travel to India, will preach about a phrase she learned during her recent stay with...

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Saving Our Home: UUSC Justice Sunday

Guest Scientists 25180225_0613-guest-scientists Homily 25180225_0613-save-home-catie-homily "Science!" PDF Worship Service March 11, 2018 10:30 in the Sanctuary Rev. Catie Scudera preaching At our multigenerational service, we’ll participate in a nation-wide Justice...

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The Search for Truth

20180304_0617-sermon-catie-truth "Search for Truth" PDF Worship Service March 4, 2018 10:30 in the Sanctuary Rev. Catie Scudera preaching As Unitarian Universalists, we promote a “free and responsible search for truth” through our congregational life and in the wider...

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Who We Are

Worship Service February 25, 2018 10:30 in the Sanctuary Rev. Catie Scudera presiding For our February multigenerational worship service, we’ll enjoy a “flipped” worship — after the Time for All Ages, the kids will stay in the sanctuary for worship and the adults will...

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Sanctuarians to be guest ministers

20180218_0606-sanctuary Worship Service February 18, 2018 10:30 in the Sanctuary Gaby Chavez and Nestor Pimienta preaching On February 18th the Sanctuary Task Force encourages you to come hear Gabriella Chavez and Nestor Piementa speak on their work in the sanctuary...

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The Story of the Four Chaplains

20180211_0605--sarah-sermon Worship Service February 11, 2018 10:30 in the Sanctuary Rev. Sarah Lammert preaching February 3, 2018 marks the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Dorchester, a tragedy of WWII in which 627 of the 902 aboard died.  Among those who...

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