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Lane Lyceum: The Ghosts of Our Interfaith Past

The final Lane Lyceum of the year will be Tuesday, June 14 at 7:30pm. It will feature our own, Rev. Jenna Crawford, speaking on:

“The Ghosts of Our Interfaith Past: What our Unitarian and Universalist History of Interreligious Encounter can Teach Us about Our Contemporary Theological Pluralism and Interfaith Call in the World”

Many have called Unitarian Universalism a “theologically pluralistic,” “multifaith,” or “interfaith” religious denomination. There is an assumption there that we have always engaged in interfaith work in positive and life-giving ways, but is this true? During this Lane Lyceum, join Ministerial Intern Jenna Crawford as we explore what that interreligious encounter looked like in the 16th century between Unitarians, Jews, and Muslims in Eastern Europe; in the 19th century with Unitarian and Universalist encounters with Buddhism and Reform Judaism; in the 20th century; and today. What’s more, we’ll think together about how we can grow into interfaith leaders ourselves and ask what kind of social justice potential we can unlock through powerful, life-giving interfaith relationships in our contemporary moment and beyond.

Here is a link to the Zoom recording, uploaded to the First Parish YouTube channel.

Link to a PDF of Jenna’s presentation: Jenna Crawford Lane Lyceum talk


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