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Youth Led Sunday Worship

Our Youth-Led Sunday worship was absolutely wonderful, and so special to have in-person for the first time since 2019! The youth offered thoughtful reflections and words, skillful music, and surprised their service trip guides with a lovely gift. The whole community celebrated our graduating seniors in our Bridging ritual and enjoyed outdoor social hour together. We are so honored to have such amazing young people as part of our congregation!

Youth Group on Youth Sunday 2022 Group Photo

Graduation First Parish 2022

Youth Led Worship 2022

Youth Sunday 2022 Guitar Youth Sunday 2022 Organ

Bridging Ceremony 2022
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Clean Lines

Happy New Year!  Here's hoping 2018 is filled with joy, love and peace. We got a request to share a bit more about what the various folks in the RE program do and who to contact for various issues.  We wish we could offer a simple list for you all, but there is a lot...

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You can leave a last legacy at First Parish

The Legacy Giving Committee is delighted with the interest in the Challenge Campaign.  Over the coming weeks we will be sharing stories and ideas for including First Parish in your estate plan. Many of you may not know of the generous bequest that Roberta Crocker...

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Legacy Giving – A Simple Codicil to Your Will

The Legacy Giving Committee would like to thank all of you who stopped by our table at the Volunteer fair.  Many people asked how they could include First Parish in Needham (FPN) in their estate plan with a codicil to their will.  You are not required to have an...

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Where Have You Found Transcendence?

Tuesday, May 23rd, at 7:30 in the Parlor We wrap up this year’s Big Question Forum series with a big question about personal geography.  As many anticipate summer travels, we thought it would a fine send-off to reflect on those special places in our lives, where there...

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Video tutorials- Using the Realm- Log In, Profile, and Groups

Have you been hearing about the Realm but not known how to use it?Are you frustrated because you have tried to log in to the Realm for the first time and did not know how to make it work?If you want to know more about using the Realm at First Parish, these videos are...

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Introducing the First Parish Podcast!

What is a Podcast and Why do I want to subscribe? For many years, the weekly Sermon has been audio recorded and available to listen to through a link on our website. This year, we have made the weekly Sermons available, not only on the website, but in the form of a...

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