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Who Are Your Parish Committee and Committee on Ministry leaders?

by | Mar 30, 2020


As Rev. Catie goes on parental leave, please remember that governance, leadership, and “big picture” concerns should be brought to the congregation’s Parish Committee and Committee on Ministry. 


Your Parish Committee officers are: Darren Zinner (president), Eliot Jekowsky (vice president), Tracy Zendzian (clerk), and Erik Bailey (treasurer). Your Parish Committee “members at large” are: Karla Barbieri, Ann Barrett, Katherine Calzada, Byron Doerfer, Susan McGarvey, and Alan Robins. 


Your Committee on Ministry members are: Don Leathe (convener), Wendy Blom, Peter Farrow, and Gail Hedges.


Other key contacts for programs of the congregation during Rev. Catie’s parental leave are listed on our website.