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Us Too



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Worship Service
May 20, 2018
10:30 am in the Sanctuary
Us Too

It’s Roll n’ Stroll and Annual Meeting Sunday! Remember to eschew a car if you can, and join your Neighborhood Group for a stroll or roll to worship. Arrive by 10:15 to be part of the annual Roll n’ Stroll photograph. We will honor and reflect on the global #MeToo movement during our worship service. We know this is an emotional and personal topic for many, and will offer ritual and pastoral support to those who need it. Please let Rev. Catie know if you have specific questions or concerns about the service. Our music will come from the First Parish Eclectic Band led by Dave Blom, and our professional Vocal Trio: Irina Georgieva, Kate Loftus Campe, and Justin Lundberg. Grab lunch, arranged by our Parish Committee, during social hour, and stay right after for our Annual Meeting.