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The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: A Community Teach-In

by | Mar 9, 2022


Join Us for a Special Lane Lyceum:

Wednesday, March 16 at 7:30 pm via Zoom link:


Speakers: Ilana Pavlotsky and Cinzia Solari
Moderator: Smriti Rao


Is Ukraine part of Russia? Is Ukraine Europe? Why do some Ukrainians speak Ukrainian and others speak Russian? What might it mean when someone located in the US describes themselves or their business as “Russian”? Dr. Solari will answer these questions and more by offering a glimpse into Ukrainian history and its relations with Russia, Europe, and the US. She will also draw on her research with migrants from Ukraine and the post-Soviet region to help us think about Ukraine’s nation-state building project since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. As a sociologist, Dr. Solari suggests that we cannot understand the Russian invasion of Ukraine without placing this invasion in its larger historical and social 

Cinzia D. Solari is Associate Professor of Sociology at UMass Boston. She is the author of On the Shoulders of Grandmothers: Gender, Migration, and Post-Soviet Nation-state Building (Routledge 2018), a global ethnography that draws on 160 interviews with Ukrainian migrants and their families located in Italy, California, and Ukraine. Dr. Solari has published many articles that focus on the lives of post-Soviet peoples as they make their way in a capitalist world. She lives in Needham with her family.

Ilana Pavlotsky (and her brother, David) were born in Needham to parents from Ukraine, then the Soviet Union. Ilana will share her family’s personal migration story and her as one of the founders of Boston Aide for Ukraine.


Moderator: Smriti Rao
Professor of Economics at Assumption University and Affiliated Scholar, Women’s Studies Institute, Brandeis University.


This lyceum is co-sponsored by the following organizations:

Equal Justice Needham, AAPI Alliance, At My Neighbor’s Table, Voices in Unity