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The Pace of Change: Hope in a Callous World 



Sunday, August 9, 2020 

10:30 am via the permanent You Tube video link:


Today’s world seems to be changing fast, yet somehow change also seems to happen at a glacial pace. Why is that? Is it tension building towards a tipping point? And how do we remain hopeful — and more importantly, use that hope — even when the world doesn’t seem to care?

Ellie del Valle is a rising second-year student at Boston University School of Theology as well as the BU School of Social Work.  She is First Parish’s sponsored UU ministerial candidate, and hopes to pursue chaplaincy, parish ministry, and social work licensure.  She grew up in Needham, participating in First Parish’s RE program and youth group.  She then left for Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she earned her Bachelor of Community Development.  Ellie is proudly Queer, passionate about social justice, and enjoys video games.  Her favorite food is the Canadian dish poutine, she loves experimenting with her new air fryer, and her favorite social distancing activity is going to a drive-in movie.