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That’s Where the Hope Comes From: From Flonzie Brown-Wright to the 8th Principle


Sunday March 10, 2024 at 10:30 am, livestreamed to YouTube from the Sanctuary. Greg Greenway preaching

First Parish and Rev. Catie warmly welcome Greg Greenway as our guest preacher and musician! Greg writes about his sermon: “When the 8th Principle as proposed by Black Lives of UU was adopted by the First UU Church of Richmond (VA), I decided to finally sign my name in a book and officially become a UU. I’ve probably always been one, but never knew it. All we want to do is change the world, to step into the path of a leviathan with centuries of momentum. Even to the most optimistic, the 8th Principle signs us on to a daunting course of action. So where does the hope come from? It comes from the lives of courageous, tenacious people like Flonzie Brown-Wright, the first African American woman to be elected to a state office in Mississippi, and from ourselves. It comes from looking honestly at what came before us, refusing to be paralyzed by the unvarnished truth, and seizing upon our positive gifts to bend what we have the power to bend toward justice. Ultimately, the 8th Principle refocuses us on the First Principle. It calls on us to live up to our most fundamental belief. So as you open the door to the church and look in to see a community of the willing, you are looking at hope.” Many thanks to our Homegrown Coffeehouse team for facilitating a whole weekend of Greg Greenway’s music and spirit at First Parish.