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Digital Order of Service

This is our final Saturday Bell Notes because the order of service is now available on your smart phone or tablet via this QR code or by entering (bookmark it!) in your browser. Each Sunday’s order of service will become available on the morning of that service and remain available until it is replaced the following Sunday. To use the QR code:
  1. Open the camera on your mobile device
  2. Hold your device so that the QR code is in the center of the camera. A notification will appear once the code is recognized’
  3. Tap the notification to view the digital bulletin

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Guest Preacher

Worship Service May 27, 2018 10:30 am in the Sanctuary Guest Elisa Pearmain presents words of wisdom through story. 20180527_0636-parrot The Brave Parrot 20180527_0636-indra Indra's Net 20180527_0636-all-one We Are All One: World Wisdom through Story Music Notes: The...

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Us Too

20180520_0635-catie-homily-us-too "#UsToo" PDF Worship Service May 20, 2018 10:30 am in the Sanctuary Us Too It’s Roll n’ Stroll and Annual Meeting Sunday! Remember to eschew a car if you can, and join your Neighborhood Group for a stroll or roll to worship. Arrive by...

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One Source, Many Beings

Reading 20180513_0634-one-source-reading Homily 20180513_0634-one-source-catie-homily "One Source, Many Beings" PDF Worship Service May 13, 2018 10:30 in the Sanctuary One Source, Many Beings  All living beings are interconnected, springing forth from the earliest...

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A Minister Emeritus for First Parish

At this year’s Annual Meeting on May 20th, we have the opportunity to vote in a minister emeritus for the first time in our congregation’s history. As the Unitarian Universalist Association describes it, “The title Minister Emeritus or Minister Emerita is granted to...

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Agents of God’s Peace

Story 20180429_0631-peace-institute-story Sermon 20180429_0631-peace-institute-sermon Worship Service April 29, 2018 Chaplain Tina Chéry and Rev. Wayne S. Daley In the face of violence and unimaginable heartbreak, how do we hold out hope of mercy and healing, and walk...

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Big Questions Forum: Work and our Sense of Purpose

According to Sigmund Freud, love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness. This month’s Big Questions Forum examines the relationship between work and our sense of purpose, meaning and identity. How do you structure your life and your time when work is...

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The Search Is On

As most of you know, Mark LaPointe will not be returning in the fall as Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration.   The time has come for First Parish to find an Interim DLRE to take over his duties.  An interim director will assist us in this time of transition to...

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Vigil of Caring Hope for Incarcerated Immigrants

On a very cold Sunday in March, some 200 people from the Boston area gathered for a march in South Boston to a section of the Suffolk County prison which houses many detained undocumented immigrants.  We were there to convey that there are people in this distorted...

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Poetic Recreation

20180422_0629-earth-day Worship Service April 22, 2018 Rev. Catie Scudera preaching In the Hindu Trimurti/Tridevi, Vishnu and Lakshmi preserve and prosper all beings, Shiva and Parvati destroy and transform everything, and Brahma and Saraswati create and recreate the...

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Awe and Fear

20180415_0627-awe-fear-sermon "Awe and Fear" PDF Worship Service April 15, 2018 Rev. Catie Scudera preaching In modern times, we use the word “awesome” to describe something in a very positive light. But, sometimes when we are struck with awe, we are actually made...

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The Promised Land

20180408_0625-promised-land-homily "The Promised Land" PDF Worship Service April 8, 2018 Rev. Catie Scudera preaching April 4, 2018 is the fiftieth anniversary of Dr. King’s tragic assassination, right in the midst of Passover. Remembering that Dr. King’s final sermon...

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Sanctuary Service Welcome

Parishioner John Gallo delivered this inspiring Welcome to start the service on February 18, which focused on Immigration: Me llamo John Gallo, y mi familia, incluida mi esposa Traci Abbott, hija Julia, en el noveno grado, y hijo Sebastian, en el séptimo grado. Nos...

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