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Fallow & Fertile Season: Flower Communion Sunday

June 19th at 10:30am, livestreamed from the sanctuary (Rev. Catie leading)

Our creativity, adaptability, and wisdom are strongest not just after we’ve had rest, but as we’re having rest. How do we maintain our curiosity and “beginner’s mind” in a dominant culture that prizes perfection?

We will also honor Father’s Day and Juneteenth, and offer the Flower Communion ritual in the sanctuary; if you’re participating in person, please remember to bring a flower (or many!) to share, and if you will be participating via Zoom, please have a flower with you or a floral background to get into the spirit of the ritual. And, Rev. Catie and Cole’s daughter, Sophia, will be named and dedicated by Rev. Jenna in our Time for All Ages.

This will be our last Sunday with the staff team before we move to lay-led and guest-led Sunday services on Zoom during the summer weeks, and our last Sunday service with Rev. Jenna and Kelvyn.

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Hello, First Parishioners!

   This is Rev. Catie, reporting in on the second day of the all-virtual 2021 General Assembly (GA)! I have been so impressed by how the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has designed their online interfaces for General Assembly, finding them fairly easy...

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First Parish beloveds!

  Marguerite Robbins, Vicky Makrides, Rev Catie, and I are attending our annual UU General Assembly this weekend “together,” held virtually for the second year in a row. The theme of General Assembly this year is “Circle ‘Round for Justice, Healing and Courage,”...

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Until Love Wins

  Sunday, June 21, 2021 via YouTube Video Link:    UUA General Assembly   Recognizing the importance of shared ministry and the many innovative approaches to worship created by congregations during the pandemic, UUA...

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Living Through a Global Trauma

  Here at First Parish in Needham, we recognize and lift up that what we have lived through in the past year with the Covid-19 pandemic was a global trauma, and that the "re-entry" phase, whenever and however that happens for you and your family, will be...

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In-Person Outdoor Flower Communion Ceremony

  Sunday, June 20, 2021 12:30 pm (after Zoom social hour)   Rev. Dr. Norbert F. Capek, founder of the Unitarian Church in Prague began the Flower Communion Service in 1923 to unite his religiously diverse congregation. Martyred in World War II, the service...

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My Story, Our Story, The Story

  Sunday, June 20, 2021 10:30 am Live from the Sanctuary via YouTube Video Link  Rev. Catie Scudera   This Sunday, we celebrate the stories we inhabit: our own stories, our communities’ stories, and the story (as modern Catholic friar Richard Rohr described...

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Bless and Be Blessed

  June 6, 2021 10:30 am Live from the Sanctuary via You Tube  Jenna Crawford, Ministerial Intern   First Parish's own former intern Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh writes, "In our religious tradition, it is not just ministers and religious professionals who have...

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Celebrating Our U.U. Journeys Together ~ Youth Sunday

  Sunday, June 13, 2021 10:30 am:  Live-streaming of pre-recorded sharings, reflections, and rituals on YouTube Roberta Altamari   Join us for our beloved annual service led by our amazing Senior Youth Group.  Featured during this service will be stories,...

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