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Living Through a Global Trauma

by | Jun 21, 2021


Here at First Parish in Needham, we recognize and lift up that what we have lived through in the past year with the Covid-19 pandemic was a global trauma, and that the “re-entry” phase, whenever and however that happens for you and your family, will be challenging in different ways. At First Parish, we will continue to strive to provide culturally-sensitive trauma-informed pastoral care and ministry.

It is important to know that 1) this trauma was collective (and you are not alone in your experiences), and 2) that trauma is stored in the body. Oral/narrative work must always be paired with embodied practices. Embodied practices can include deep breathing, exercise and experiences in nature, creating art and music, etc. Finally, we should strive to be mindful and gentle about our own post-traumatic behaviors and the behaviors of others, (while still holding folks accountable for certain behaviors). 

We encourage you to acquaint yourself with these trauma resources: 



Please do not hesitate to contact the Pastoral Care Associate of the week over the summer for pastoral care or to be connected with our summer minister for pastoral care, Rev. Dr. Michelle Walsh.