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23 Dedham Avenue
Needham, MA 02492

Dear First Parish community,

I am very grateful and excited to soon begin working with you as your new Interim Director of Lifespan Religious Education.  While guiding the community at First Parish in Framingham, I was very impressed to witness how much the interim process can inspire each one of us individually and collectively.  Much like in our family systems, each and every word spoken and action done has a ripple affecting everyone else.  Together, we will carefully consider who you want to be (individually and collectively) and move towards your ideals.  Together, we will honor your history and past stories (good and challenging parts), name your current identities, discover your resources (within and outside the church walls), grow your leaders (of today and tomorrow), and dream your vision.  

While we move along this “interim” journey, I also look forward to supporting you to offer folks of all ages high quality religious education programs.  I believe that it is important to balance visionary work with easy-to-succeed projects we can implement right now.  One of my favorite phrases is “Let’s try it!”.  From Pub Theology and the Our Whole Lives sexuality program for adults to parenting workshops and multigenerational art or movie nights, I have many popular programs and workshops that I’ve led for other congregations that you may enjoy as well.  While I have many ideas from my professional realm to share with you, the truth is that the best programs are always the ones that organically bubble up from the innovation of a few dedicated leaders.  I can’t wait to discover your talents, passions, and interests.  

More important than what we will learn together is how we feel.  I look forward to having fun, smiling, eating, worshiping, singing, creating, growing, being inspired, and feeling great together.  Similar to my email tag-line, may we have a wonderful, wonder-filled year together.  


Peace, love, and gratitude,