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Lane Lyceum: 21st Century Energy Realities – Is it time to take a second look at nuclear power?

by | May 7, 2024

May 14th at 7:30pm
Zoom link:

Based on a great deal of research, this presentation will review some of the possibilities and practicalities of energy generation to meet our future needs, especially as we try to eliminate the burning of carbon-based fuels. First, some of the potential – and limitations – of Renewables will be considered. Then Nuclear Energy will be explored. We will look at the real – and perceived – dangers of nuclear power generation. Finally, we will consider the enormous potential of nuclear fission as a contributor of clean energy, including modern advancements and a global perspective.

About the speaker:
David Butz is a design engineer and environmentalist who has been thinking about the energy generation and pollution problem for over 50 years. He has followed the ongoing progress toward nuclear fusion, and investigated the possibilities of various forms of renewable energy generation. Finding that nuclear fission is now a mature, practical, and safe means of generating clean and dependable base-load power, he is a strong advocate for expanded use of this technology in face of the current urgent challenge caused by the large and growing release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Fusion is coming; fission is here and ready today.