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Fallow & Fertile Season: Flower Communion Sunday


June 19th at 10:30am, livestreamed from the sanctuary (Rev. Catie leading)

Our creativity, adaptability, and wisdom are strongest not just after we’ve had rest, but as we’re having rest. How do we maintain our curiosity and “beginner’s mind” in a dominant culture that prizes perfection?

We will also honor Father’s Day and Juneteenth, and offer the Flower Communion ritual in the sanctuary; if you’re participating in person, please remember to bring a flower (or many!) to share, and if you will be participating via Zoom, please have a flower with you or a floral background to get into the spirit of the ritual. And, Rev. Catie and Cole’s daughter, Sophia, will be named and dedicated by Rev. Jenna in our Time for All Ages.

This will be our last Sunday with the staff team before we move to lay-led and guest-led Sunday services on Zoom during the summer weeks, and our last Sunday service with Rev. Jenna and Kelvyn.