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Architect of Our Own Inner Healing



April 11, 2021

10:30 am Live on Zoom (please refer to your BellNotes for the Zoom link)

Chaplain Clementina (Tina) Chery

Visit the link provided to read the Bio on Rev. Tina:


Chaplain Chery will walk through the journey of being the architect of her own inner healing. For over 25 years the Peace Institute staff have sustained themselves and done hard and challenging work by first looking inward with our own healing guided by seven core principles Love, Unity, Faith, Hope, Courage, Justice and Forgiveness.


Virtual Social Hour

After our Sunday morning livestream service, you’re invited to our Virtual Social Hour on Zoom, starting at 11:30am, or as soon as the Sunday service ends.

To log on after the service, click this link: Please refer to your Bell Notes for the passcode.

 If you are unable to connect online, you can join by phone by calling this number: (301)715-8592 and entering the Meeting ID: 932 4179 4876.