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Have you ever wanted to think through your perspectives on the big religious questions related to God, Heaven/Hell, spirituality, human nature, ethics as a way of articulating your current religious theology?

Well, here is your opportunity to do just that via the UUA course being offered at First Parish in February and March entitled “Building Your Own Theology.”

Through individual, small group and larger group reflections, activities, and exercises we will investigate these topics in a way that allows each participant the ability to document their perspectives culminating in an “I believe” credo statement of their current personal religious beliefs, or theology.

It has been said that liberal religion is a “do it yourself” approach to personal belief systems. The purpose of this course is to provide some of the tools for building a personal theology based on the materials of an individual’s life experiences.

The structure of the topics and exercises we will do will provide the framework that allows participants to navigate this “do it yourself” philosophy in a way that results in a refreshingly satisfying supportive environment to develop their  personal theology.

If you are interested please contact Don Leathe or Phil Griffith by January 21st.