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Bring a Friend to Church Follow-up

by | Mar 21, 2018


For those of you who were able to get your friends to First Parish on March 4th, thank you very much. We hope they enjoyed the service and the conversations at Social Hour. If your friends wish to know more about what’s going on at First Parish, please give us (Susanna or members of the Membership Committee) their contact information (after okaying it with them, of course) and we’ll put them on the distribution for the Bellnotes.

Whether or not your friends came on March 4th, there are two upcoming Sundays which might appeal to them. This coming Sunday, March 25th is the Youth Group service. This service represents the culmination of our children’s religious exploration experience. It demonstrates our youth acting out the values that we UUs hold dear. If your friends have kids, this is the service for them to experience.

The other Sunday is Easter Sunday. Easter can be a confusing time for those people brought in the Christian tradition, but who no longer follow the precepts of the religion. First Parish (or any UU congregation) is the perfect place for these folks. This Easter, which falls on April 1st, an auspicious day, there are two services.

So, just keep in mind, we welcome all friends!