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Where Have You Found Transcendence?

by | May 17, 2017

Tuesday, May 23rd, at 7:30 in the Parlor

We wrap up this year’s Big Question Forum series with a big question about personal geography. 

As many anticipate summer travels, we thought it would a fine send-off to reflect on those special places in our lives, where there is more meaning than just geographic coordinates. These are places that hold value not just because they are perhaps out-of-the-way, but because they evoke a depth of feeling and memory that is wholesome and restorative.

Such a place could be your childhood home, three floors up on a busy New York City street corner, or it could be a remote and secluded idyll where you can gather your wits in peace.

Some places, like the battle field at Gettysburg or the ruins of Tintern Abbey, can simply invoke a feeling of awe or inchoate poignancy.

For some, these places may be called sacred, and may be the objective of a pilgrimage steeped in spiritual meaning. For others, this special place may be completely interior, a place of calm and stillness with which you just need occasion or permission to reconnect.

Where have you found a sense of transcendence or deeper connection? This may not seem like a BIG question, but to the extent that such a place restores our souls, bodies and/or minds, we think that sharing the experience will be inspirational and profound.

So come, tell your stories of that special place, and hear the experiences of others. What better way to end the season, and anticipate whatever pilgrimage you may have in store?