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Where in the World is Rev. Catie?

By , Published on June 23, 2017

This summer, I’ll be traveling across the country and across the pond while I’m “out to pasture” during my vacation and study leave weeks.

I’ll first participate in the annual national Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, flying down to New Orleans on June 19th. I begin my time on Monday with the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, and then on Wednesday lay leaders arrive in town. I’m pleased to be joined by adult and youth members of our congregation, who will serve as delegates of First Parish and will vote on important denominational issues. We have incredible programming and worship planned this year, and the biggest ticket item may well be the UUA presidential race. There are three incredible candidates to choose from, and I feel confident we’ll have strong leadership no matter who wins. (You may notice all three candidates are women — this ensures we will have a woman president for the first time in our denominational history!)

Not long after I land back in Needham after General Assembly, I’ll be back in the air, flying to a Scudera family vacation in Europe. With Cole, my parents, and my brother and his fiancée, we’ll be visiting Portugal and Sicily; then, Cole and I will go on together to Greece and Croatia to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. We are fortunate that an old friend will be house- and dog-sitting for us during this time, while she completes a summer internship on her path to Episcopal ordination. You may see Mango out and about during July, even though we’ll be away!

Then in late July and August, I will take my formal study leave (though I plan to do a lot of reading “in transit” during my vacation weeks). As always, I’ll prepare for Sunday worship services for the 2017-2018 church year, with special attention to our monthly ministry themes and the upcoming debut of our Worship Café. I’ll also take an online premarital counseling training for the PREPARE/ENRICH program as professional development. I have many books on my list this summer, including the Needham library’s “one town, one book” selection In the Country We Love and various collections of poetry (both secular and explicitly religious from a variety of traditions). 

I will return to First Parish on August 21st and will be with you all again in worship on September 10th, when we celebrate Ingathering Sunday and the water communion. I hope you all have wonderful summers wherever you may stay or go, and I look forward to seeing you in the fall!

3 responses to “Where in the World is Rev. Catie?”

  1. Erik Bailey says:

    Have a wonderful summer, Catie!!

  2. Lynne Rachlis says:

    Your practice of self-care and personal replenishment is so important. Not only for you, but for all of us at First Parish Needham. When you feel strong and rested, you strengthen our ability for the work that lies ahead. Thanks!

  3. Jeanne Gerber says:

    Enjoy your precious time with family. Re-charge always ng the way.