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Welcoming Our New Intern Minister

By , Published on February 6, 2018

Sally Fritsche is a lifelong UU from Columbia Missouri, in her final semester at Harvard Divinity School. She is studying to be ordained to parish ministry, and is also considering a call to college campus chaplaincy. Since graduating with degrees in Sociology and Religious Studies from Grinnell College in 2013, she has worked as a chaplain, a nonprofit organizer, and a summer camp director. She is a powerful speaker, and has preached about her experiences as a nontheistic and millennial UU in pulpits as far flung as Omaha NE, and as close as Lexington MA. In Harvard Divinity School’s annual preaching competition, she came in second, preaching on the theology of a favorite meme, #YOLO. She looks forward to bringing her energy and perspective into the Needham pulpit, and learning to expand her passion and ability in all aspects of ministry. Today, Sally lives in Somerville with her partner of ten years, Miles Faaborg, and is looking forward to their wedding this coming July. During the school year, she spends time reading, leading UU history tours for visiting youth, and taking catnaps in the library. Sally is very excited for these next few years in the Boston area, and for the future of our faith community. We at First Parish look forward to welcoming Sally into our community in the fall. 

3 responses to “Welcoming Our New Intern Minister”

  1. Erik Bailey says:

    Hooray! Welcome Sally! 🙂

  2. Lynne Rachlis says:

    I’m so delighted that Sally will be joining us. Not only will we be helping to prepare her for lifelong ministry, she will be providing us with many benefits as well: preaching monthly, offering pastoral care, leading Lyceums and adult ed workshops, serving our kids and youth (albeit not as the youth advisor), and partnering with committees on special projects to expand our commitment to “living our beliefs through action and care for our world”. Her presence is sure to be a gift to First Parish. I can’t wait for everyone to meet her.

  3. Grace Rising says:

    It is exciting to welcome an intern. I hope she enjoys her time with us and grows in ways she wishes. I look forward to getting to know her.

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