Support Sanctuary, Save Lives

Rev. Catie Scudera, Sunday, October 15, 2017


“Support Sanctuary, Save Lives” PDF

Worship Service
Sunday, October 15, 2017
10:30am in the Sanctuary
Rev. Catie Scudera, preaching

An ancient method of congregational non-compliance with oppressive governments is back on the rise: providing “sanctuary” within houses of worship. Many faith communities in Needham are exploring how they can support the New Sanctuary Movement either as a Level 1 sanctuary-providing congregation or as a Level 2 sanctuary-supporting congregation. This Sunday, we’ll explore the spiritual and ethical grounds for — and the practicalities of — participating in the New Sanctuary Movement.

Children attend first 15 minutes of worship followed by Religious Education Classes. Nursery are available.

Junior Youth Group meets at 5pm in the Parlor.

Senior Youth Group meets at 7pm in the Parlor.