Getting More Involved

Rule #1: It’s OK to be shy.
Rule #2: It’s OK not to be.

First Parish is like any community: The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. But figuring out how to get involved can be a challenge. The first step is knowing what’s going on.

First Parish has three primary communications vehicles — this website, our monthly newsletter The Bellman (sent electronically but available as needed in print), and our weekly email alert, the Bell Notes. On the Events or Calendar pages, you can find information about the next 2-4 Sundays and virtually everything that’s going on at First Parish. The Bellman has all the details for a given month, as well as columns from the ministers and the Director or Religious Education and profiles of First Parish members. The Bell Notes comes out on Thursday and focuses on the upcoming Sunday and the week following, and links to any new blog posts or announcements. To start receiving The Bellman or Bell Notes, fill out one of our gold visitor’s cards or contact the Parish office. 

Many start getting involved through one of the many opportunities for volunteering at First Parish, ranging from helping out in Social Action programs to baking for the Homegrown Coffeehouse.  There are also several ongoing groups, including the Positively Aging group and the Sunday Night Book Club, as well as Continuing Education classes on Sunday mornings and various other times. The Needham Lyceum provides wonderful opportunities to hear interesting speakers and discuss a wide variety of topics. Parents of school-age and younger children may want to check out our Religious Exploration classes, while those of you with junior high and high schoolers might be interested in our Youth Groups — that is, if your teens haven’t already found this dynamic group on their own!

Joining a Small Group is an easy way to form deeper connections with a small group of people, as is singing in the choir or First Parish Singers. Committees offer connection through working with each other, although we generally do not expect newcomers to jump right into committee work. Similarly, parents who have been part of the community for more than 6 months are strongly encouraged to teach in the Religious Exploration program.

As your involvement deepens, we hope you will begin to consider becoming a member. You can find more information on the Paths to Membership page.