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Mass Incarceration: The New Jim Crow is Still With Us

Cassandra Bensahih and John Bowman
Sunday, January 22, 2017


Please call and/or email and request they co-sponsor “An Act for Justice Reinvestment” Senate 1128 House 2714

Rep. Garlick 617-722-2810

Senator Ross 617-722-1555

Senator Rush 617-722-1348

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Needham Lyceum
Sunday, January 22, 2017
9:15am in the Parlor
Cassandra Bensahih and John Bowman

Mass incarceration is increasingly recognized as a major problem.  Many people — a disproportionate number of whom are black — are locked up for nonviolent crimes for which other forms of treatment would be more appropriate.  As a result, families are broken up and neighborhoods disrupted.  

Massachusetts has more than 90,000 individuals enmeshed in its criminal justice system.  Sunday’s program will include life stories and a slideshow with data that lays open this painful problem in a powerful way. Cassandra Bensahih is Executive Director of EPOCA (Ex-prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement).  She is an ex-prisoner and founder of EPOCA and is known as a powerful, motivating speaker.  John Bowman is a retired lawyer and a volunteer with Jobs NOT Jails, a coalition of groups that works for a humane solution to the problem of the heavy overuse of jailing people when other options are available.  

Attend this lyceum to learn and leave to act, as you are moved, to make a difference.