RE @ Home

Building a Partnership Between Your Church and Your Family

RE At HomeWhen you add up all of the hours that your child spends in various activities, you find that their RE experience makes up a very small bit – about 40 hours each year if you manage to get to church every Sunday during the school year. Compare that to all of the time spent in sports, at school and all of the other things that your child engages in and you’ll see that it seems like just a drop in the bucket.

Yet, for many of us, church is where our children learn some of the lessons we most values, about morals and ethical choices, faith, UU principles and practices, and so on. It is the one place where time is devoted specifically to nurturing our child’s spirituality and to helping her or him connect to our wonderful principles.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered some resources for families to use at home as a kind of supplement to the weekly RE experience at church. Here you’ll find some nice stories or lessons that can easily fit the home environment, including a number of short bios about important Unitarian Universalists and a fun summer challenge to keep you and your child focused a bit on the 7 Principles while enjoying vacation and other activities.

You’ll also find a number of links to online resources, included a link to the Church of the Larger Fellowship which is a virtual space for UUs without a home congregation and postings about current opportunities for children and families, here in Needham and beyond. You might want to consider a summer experience in the Adirondacks or up at New Hampshire’s Starr Island where UU-oriented camps offer lots of cool programs.

So, take a look around, come back regularly and let us know if there is something we should add here, or if you have a specific request to help us become partners in your child’s religious exploration.


Resources for families

Teaching as a Spiritual Act

RE@Home Book List

A Perfectly UU Summer


Stories about UU’s

The Unitarian Universalist Religious Educator

The Unitarian Universalist Poet

The Unitarian Universalist King

The Unitarian Universalist Nurse

The Unitarian Astronomer


Helpful Links

Church of the Larger Fellowship

Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE)

UU World Family Pages

Ferry Beach –

Camp Unirondack

Rowe Camps for All Ages