Needham Lyceum

A Forum on Public Affairs, Spirituality, Culture, and Science

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There is a long-standing New England tradition of using the Meetinghouse for public discussions on timely topics. In the 19th century, nearly every New England town had Lyceums or similar programs. Built in 1836, the Meetinghouse of First Parish in Needham has long been a part of that tradition.

In 2004, First Parish revived that tradition by launching “The Needham Lyceum: A Forum on Public Affairs, Spirituality, Culture, and Science.” The Needham Lyceum brings important speakers and programs to our community to inform and foster discussion about compelling contemporary issues. Most Lyceum programs include time for open discussion. The Minister a member of First Parish typically acts as the host and moderator of the Lyceum.

Needham Lyceums are open and free to the public unless otherwise noted. Most Lyceum programs are scheduled for Sundays at either 9:15 am in the Parlor, but other Lyceums are scheduled at other times such as Sunday or weekday evenings. Lyceums must either be sponsored by a standing committee of First Parish or by an individual or group of individuals with approval from the Minister. For more information, see the Lyceum guidelines.