Giving at First Parish

First Parish in Needham is financially self-supporting and self-sustaining. We rely on our members and friends to raise our operating budget each year and to give generously to ensure the long-term financial health of the church.

We strive to be a congregation of generous givers, and recognize the joy and satisfaction that comes with being able to share our resources, financial and otherwise, to build our blessed community. Our financial contributions are an investment we make in living our values and creating a community where those values are nurtured and thrive.

Donate Now

“At the heart of Unitarian Universalism is the faith that every person can make a meaningful difference in our communities and in the world.
We have faith in generosity, a conviction that our shared gifts of love and labor can heal ourselves and others.
Spent one way, [money] can make us comfortable, boost our self-image, and make us feel secure. Spent another way, money becomes the tool of our faith and our commitment to the things that matter to us.”

          ~ Rev. Terry Sweetser