Annual Budget Drive

Each year, First Parish asks its members and friends to affirm their financial commitments to the church. These commitments allow us to continue our vibrant programs for children and adults, support social justice, preserve our beautiful building, and pay our staff fairly for their hard work.

Financial support from members and friends accounts for nearly 80% of the church’s annual income, so our commitments during the Annual Budget Drive are essential to the Parish Committee as it prepares the budget for the coming year.

2018 Budget Drive Highlights

Our goal for the 2018-19 Budget Drive is $360,000. In addition to continuing ongoing projects, your generous pledges will be used to support plans which include:

  • Funding the addition of an Intern Minister to start in the fall of 2018.  Our community has been greatly enriched by these individuals in the past, and looks forward to again welcoming an intern minister this fall.
  • Finishing our multi-year progress to fully fund staff salaries at fair pay levels.

Our pledges support our vibrant church community – the place where we live our values together with our shared mission and ministry.  We ask that you pledge as generously as you are able to our 2018-19 Annual Budget Drive. While we cannot all give the same dollar amount, each of us can make a contribution that will help us reach our goal and grow First Parish together.

The 2018 Budget Drive will kick off on January 28. Please plan to make your pledge by March 11.

For more information, visit our table at Social Hour or contact a member of the Budget Drive Committee: Erik Bailey, Katie Barnett, Joyce McGovern, David Minard

Pledge Slide Presentation

Pledge Form 2018-19 pdf

For many of us, coming from other denominations or stepping inside our doors for the first time, it’s difficult to benchmark how much to pledge. We hope our congregants will be financially generous both with First Parish and with other worthy faith-based and service organizations.

Your financial commitment to First Parish should reflect both your personal situation in terms of financial ability and the value you place on your experience as an integral part of our faith community. The UUA Fair Share Giving Guide suggests an annual giving range of 2-10% of household income. As a starting point, we invite each First Parish household to consider giving at a level of 2.5%. Based on individual circumstances, some households pledge more and some pledge less. The average pledge last year was about $2,500.

Whether you can afford a little or a lot, we ask that all members and friends demonstrate your commitment to First Parish by making a pledge. Our bylaws call for every member to contribute.

Should your circumstances change during the year, please contact Rev. Catie Scudera or the church administrator to adjust your pledge.

Thank you for making a financial commitment to First Parish.

Donate Now

You select the method and payment schedule that works for you. Many parishioners mail checks to the office or place them in an envelope in the offertory plate. Others appreciate the convenience of electronic fund transfers (EFTs) from your bank directly to the church bank account. You also may pay by donating stock and other securities. For details about arranging EFTs or stock transfers, please contact the church administrator.