Social Hour Instructions

Copies of these instructions can be found on a clipboard in the kitchen and in a white 3-ring binder on the counter. Do not bring extra copies with you.

 Anyone can sign up to help host Social Hour either as a Team Member or Leader.

 Team Member responsibilities:

  • All team members help with serving during Social Hour. They also help with either set-up or clean-up, or both.
  • Team members who help with set-up:
    • Plan to arrive for set-up by 9:45. You will need this time. Don’t plan on helping after the 9:15 seminar.
    • Should each bring a food item. Suggestions include fruit of any kind, home-baked goods, cheese and/or crackers of any kind, veggies (w/wo dip), coffeecake, donut holes, donuts, cookies, bagels & cream cheese. No popcorn and no brownies please (too messy).
    • May be asked to help make coffee, put snacks on serving trays, or set up Parish Hall according to the instructions
  • Team members who help with clean-up:
    • Bring a food item as described above.
    • Clean up the kitchen and Parish Hall according to the last page of the instructions.

Leaders should have participated in several social hours and should know — or learn — how to make coffee and operate the dishwasher. The leaders’ responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting additional team members if necessary
  • Contacting team members to coordinate food, answer questions, etc.
  • One of the leaders should bring 1 quart of half-n-half and 1 quart of skim or 1% milk.