Past Programs

Food and Its Consistent Supply in the Context of Climate Disruption

Jan Galkowski
Sunday, September 24

A Needham Lyceum Presented by Jan Galkowski
Sunday, September 24
9:15 am in the Parlor

Maintaining a consistent food supply in the context of global warming has been identified by the Commonwealth as well as Mayor Marty Walsh as a problem of local relevance. The presentation will address:

  • (briefly) the effects of climate disruption in New England
  • Food, where it comes from today, where it came from in the past, and its supply chain
  • Food supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Thoughts on what might be done

A PDF of the talk slides rich with links to resource on the Web is now available.

This is a project of the UU Needham Green Congregation committee which is emphasizing resiliency to effects of climate disruption this year, with a particular focus upon food.

Note that there will be a vegetarian potluck dinner at First Parish at 5:30pm on the 24th.