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Small Group Ministry Reflections: Phil Murray

By , Published on September 23, 2013
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Seven years ago I was asked to facilitate a new Small Group Ministry mid-way through the Church service year.   I opened that initial meeting with a reading from Henry David Thoreau’s essay entitled, Life Without Principle.

Let us consider the way we spend our lives…We select granite for the underpinning of our houses and barns; we build fences of stone; but we do not ourselves rest on an underpinning of granitic truth, the lowest primitive rock.  … I often accuse my finest acquaintances of an immense frivolity; for, while there are manners and compliments we do not meet, we do not teach one another the lessons of honesty and sincerity that the brutes do, or of steadiness and solidity that the rocks do.  The fault is commonly mutual, however; for we do not habitually demand any more of each other.

Looking over my notes from that shortened year it now seems the topics covered it all – worship, God, Being Human, Mothers, Fathers.  You might well ask why I could still be involved in Small Group Ministry.  Weren’t all the big issues of life covered in those five short months? Continue reading…