Ministerial Search


By , Published on May 4, 2014

On Sunday, May 4th, 2014, at a duly-called meeting of the membership, First Parish in Needham Unitarian Universalist voted unanimously to call Catherine Scudera to be our next settled minister. Continue reading…

A Pending Announcement

By , Published on April 4, 2014

This has been a tense and dramatic week for your MSC but we have exciting news. Going into this period, we had prioritized our four candidates, each of which had undoubtedly prioritized their preferred settlements, but nobody knew the others’ preferences. Continue reading…

What I’ve learned so far

By , Published on March 19, 2014

At lunch the other day, one of the members of the Ministerial Search Committee told me that I “don’t know how to say ‘no.'”  I protested —  I only say “yes” when I want to — but am now beginning to wonder if she had a point.   Continue reading…

Our First Pre-Candidate Weekend

By , Published on February 12, 2014
Hi everyone,
The Ministerial Search Committee just had the first of four weekends where we bring a Pre-Candidate to the Boston area to eat with us (Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday lunch/brunch), meet with us (most of the day on Saturday) and preach at a guest pulpit (Sunday morning).  We learned a huge amount about the pre-candidate we met (most of which I cannot discuss for fear of revealing their identity), but also a number of other things:

Continue reading…

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