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Our First Pre-Candidate Weekend

By , Published on February 12, 2014
Hi everyone,
The Ministerial Search Committee just had the first of four weekends where we bring a Pre-Candidate to the Boston area to eat with us (Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday lunch/brunch), meet with us (most of the day on Saturday) and preach at a guest pulpit (Sunday morning).  We learned a huge amount about the pre-candidate we met (most of which I cannot discuss for fear of revealing their identity), but also a number of other things:
  • when you put the seven of us in a room with a highly qualified UU minister, the conversation can go on at great length and be quite wide-ranging;
  • The Cottage Kitchen + Bar in Wellesley is surprisingly busy at 6pm on a Saturday;
  • a driving tour of Needham realistically takes over an hour (this was a surprise; Needham is not actually all that big); and
  • for all that we are feeling betwixt and between as a congregation, poised on the edge of whatever comes next and very ready to know who our minister will be, that same feeling is shared by the pre-candidates, who find themselves living in a period of protracted ambiguity.
Perhaps most importantly, in terms of the future of this congregation, we were favorably impressed with the pre-candidate we saw this past weekend and look forward to the pre-candidates yet to come.
Thank you again for the trust you have placed in us.  We are working hard to live up to it.
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