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Budget Drive Update

By , Published on March 7, 2017

For each pledge, we’re adding a leaf to our plant. 
Check out the progress of our budget drive campaign
week to week, and watch us grow!
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Our Values. Our Growth. Together!

Thank you to all who have made your financial commitments to First Parish for FY17-18.  So far, we have over $100,000 committed from 41 households.  With a successful budget drive, we will be able to support our worship and programs, provide fair compensation to our dedicated staff, explore new ways (like Worship Café) to be more welcoming, and further extend our social action beyond our church walls.

We ask that you please respond with your pledge by March 19.  Our pledges of financial support represent our connections to this important community. While we cannot all give the same dollar amount, each of us can make a contribution that will support the mission and ministry that we all value.  All contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or did not receive a letter, please contact Rev. Catie or any member of the budget drive committee.

~Katie Barnett, Erik Bailey, David Mackey, Joyce McGovern

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