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What Are We Called To Do?

In these dark days for environmental protection, can we make progress on our Commit2Respond pledge to reduce carbon emissions and work for eco justice? Yes, we can — and at this time it is more crucial than ever to do so. During the month of January, watch for creative Actions of the Week from the Green Congregation Committee. Our efforts will culminate in a community showing of the climate change film A Time to Choose on Sunday, February 12 at 3pm in the Sanctuary. The 90-minute film by Oscar-winning documentary director Charles Ferguson is a hard-hitting yet hopeful film. It will be followed by a discussion of concrete steps to address climate change as well as informational tables from local groups. 


Chalice Lighting from November 27

By , November 29, 2016
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Amy Brown read this lovely and timely poem as our Chalice Lighting at the November 27 service. It is reprinted at the suggestion of Kathi Cotte and with permission of the author, who is the minister at First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque.

       by Angela Herrera

Don’t leave your broken heart at the door,
Bring it to the alter of life.
Don’t leave your anger behind:
           it has high standards
           and the world needs vision.
Bring them with you,
           and your joy, and your passion.
Bring your loving
           and your courage
           and your conviction.
Bring your need for healing
           and your power to heal.
There is work to do
           and you have all that you need to do it
           right here in this room.

Annual Nature Balance

By , November 20, 2016

A summer night from my yard
when checking clouds for rain,
I saw something special,
bringing me a lift of hope.

Near an elm tree top,
a small, soft blinking light
moving through the darkness.
First Firefly of summer.

I called my friend to share
a very welcome sight.
“Everything’s all right.” But -­
every year, fewer Fireflies.
Flickering yards and fields,
fond memories of Firefly shows.
Yet, every year more habitat lost and
toxins encroach nearly everywhere.
If greed with lust conquer reason,
and Fireflies dwindle to the last,
life-friendly Earth may be turning
barren; just a cipher entry, in a
far, far away alien database.

Should First Parish Keep Growing?

By , November 18, 2016

Notes from the “Making Room” Task Force

The Making Room Task Force is charged with starting a conversation about growth and space.  As the representative from Parish Committee on this Task Force, I think it is important to start the conversation by discussing what growth means. 

Before we called our new minister, we conducted a congregational survey in 2013.  At that time, over 80% Continue reading…

Big Questions Forum: Where Do We Go From Here?

By the time the next Big Questions Forum rolls around on Tuesday November 15th, the pugnacious election campaign of 2016 will have concluded – at least in terms of the voting. We can but hope that there will be a measure of closure and acceptance by then, so we can begin to wonder: emerging from the fractious political battles we’ve witnessed and endured, where do we go from here? Continue reading…

Alleviating Our Election Anxiety

By , November 2, 2016
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It’s all over the media and in the public discourse – this year’s election is causing many people great anxiety.  According to a Harris Poll survey, more than half of all Americans experience significant stress around the 2016 election.  This is true across all ages groups although it seems to impact the “Matures” (71+) and the “Millennials” (19-37) most. Continue reading…

Greed: A Deadly Spiritual Poison

By , November 1, 2016
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As we enter a month when our spiritual theme is “abundance and stewardship,” like Sweet Honey in the Rock, “I been trying to think about how to talk about greed.” As the group sings,

“Greed is a poison rising in this land…
Greed is a strain in the American Dream
Having more than you need is the essential theme.
Everybody wanting more than they need to survive
Is a perfect indication, greed has settled inside.”

When I listen to this song, I’m reminded Continue reading…

Baby Basics Offers Diapers for Low-income Families

By , October 27, 2016
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Baby Basics is an all-volunteer, 501c3 organization, that gives free diapers to working, low-income families who live in Needham, Dedham and South Boston. For a family to be eligible, at least one parent/guardian must be working; the child must be under the age of three; and the family cannot be receiving any federal or state cash assistance and must meet the financial guidelines for WIC – If you are interested in the service or know someone who might be, check out the attached poster. You can apply online at You can also sign up to volunteer or make a donation at


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