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Peace Through Democracy, or “Order” Through Tyranny

By , September 22, 2016
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caties-photo-star-warsAs many of you know, I spent two weeks of my summer with my family in Alaska, beginning with a cruise up the southeastern coast. One night on the boat, I learned that they were showing Star Wars: The Force Awakens in their “theater under the stars” on the upper deck of the ship. On the one hand, I’d already seen the film about a half a dozen times… But, on the other hand, I’d never seen it outdoors! Continue reading…

Resisting the Pipeline … On Site and Behind Bars!

By , June 29, 2016
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Last Thursday, seven of us from First Parish headed for a gathering of people ready to protest the construction of the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline which, if completed, will carry a huge amount of highly explosive natural gas through residential neighborhoods in Dedham and West Roxbury at extremely high pressure.  The FP group included Carolyn Lynes, Eleanor Rosselini, Becky Siebens, Dick Anthony, Ellen Fine, Zack Packard, and me.  We were going to join upwards of a hundred people, mostly from the Boston area, but with a couple of folks who came from out-of-state to join us.  We were in three  equally important categories: 27 people, including me, were prepared to engage in civil disobedience (CD), risking arrest for entering the hard-hat work site.  The second group included those who came in direct support of those of us willing to engage in CD who would transport us to the site and keep track of what jail the CD person was in, with a commitment to bring us home when we were released.  Carolyn Lynes was that person for me.  The third group was those who swelled the crowd to give the critically important emphasis to the broader numbers of people who are against the construction of the pipeline. Continue reading…

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