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The Search is Joined

By , August 28, 2013
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Following a very productive retreat last weekend (Aug. 25-26), the Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) has convened and, in the words of Katie Lee, “launched”.

In fact, thanks to the excellent facilitation of the event by our UUA Ministerial Search Representative (MSR), Laura Graham, we now consider ourselves as more than a committee but a well-integrated team. Continue reading…

Don Leathe’s Address for August 25 service

By , August 25, 2013
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Good morning. I want to thank all of you for coming this morning and I hope that you will find today’s service of interest.  It certainly has been an interesting exercise putting it all together and a fair amount of work, as it turned out.

I should say that I am not going to deliver a sermon this morning, I looked up the definition of what a “sermon” is and it is defined as “a discourse for the purpose of religious instruction, especially one delivered by a member of the clergy” Well, since I can’t deliver on either of those requirements the best description I could find for what I’d like to deliver today is “an address” since that is defined as a “formal speech” which I guess is what this is.

Continue reading…

In the Interim

By , September 28, 2012
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As I said from the pulpit, recently, “Every transition starts with an ending and ends with a beginning.” The question many of you are asking is “what are we supposed to do in the interim?”

My role is to help the congregation see itself again as if for the first time. I will encourage you to review all the wonderful things about First Parish’s history and heritage, its ministry and mission, its programs and activities – in short, to lift up the essentials that make you YOU, to identity what you want to take with you into the future. Sure, you may stumble across some things that have outlived their useful lives, even a few things that were never very useful to begin with. It’s all data to help you discern where you want to put your collective com mitment and energy now, as you begin to give voice to your goals and dreams for the future. That’s what you need to do now in order to attract the best minister to serve you beginning in the summer of 2014. Continue reading…


By , September 12, 2012
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We recently moved from our home of 14+ years to a new one.  Moving is hard. What to do with all that stuff? Oma’s china that she brought to this country from Germany. Mom’s silver and  great-grandma’s wrought iron bed. And that’s just for starters. What about the  books and files, the photos and, well, you know, the stuff that accumulates.

We made a five-stage plan: Do we want to take it with us? If  no, do the kids want it? If no, can we sell it? If no, can we give it away? If  no, THROW IT AWAY! We were rigorous in applying this – and, to be honest, we  still brought a lot of stuff with us! Continue reading…

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