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March 4 is Bring-a-Friend to First Parish Sunday

By , Published on February 14, 2018
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We all have friends who are closet UUs. They know we go to a “church”, but think it’s just one of our loveable peculiarities. So we don’t really talk about it with them. Well, here is a chance to actually talk to friends about what First Parish is about and even ask them if they would like to personally experience what has you so hopped up about it.

Here are some talking points about First Parish which might help you convince your friends that on March 4th they put down their newspapers and come to church.

Think of the components of a typical service. There are readings and a sermon to support your spiritual growth, challenge your thinking and broaden your understanding of the greater world. There are joys and concerns shared with a caring community. There is music in which you can just enjoy or participate.  It is an hour to sit quietly and reflect.

If your friends have children at home, then you’ll want to talk with them about our youth programs. From a young age to the High School Youth Group, our kids are given a strong moral and ethical foundation, an understanding of other religions and encouraged to be critical thinkers. Just tell them about the Youth Group, Youth Alumni and coming-of-age services.

Your friends may be interested in social justice. Then tell them about our social action projects and about the passionate persons who carry them out, including racial justice, immigration justice, environmental justice and many others.

If your friends like music, then First Parish offers opportunities to participate in or just enjoy musical activities like the Choir, the First Parish Singers and guest performances or the Song Squad and Bell Ringers for children.

First Parish offers many other opportunities for spiritual growth and deeper understanding of local, national and international conditions through programs such as Small Group Ministry, Big Questions Forum and the Lyceums. You can think of others.

There are many affinity groups for members with specific shared interests, such as Parenting Your Children, Bike Club, Positively Ageing, Caregivers Group, Drum Circle, Book Group and so on.

So, to summarize – Bring a friend to First Parish on Sunday, March 4th.