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Positively Aging Meets With Senior Center Director LaTanya Steele

By , Published on September 21, 2017
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Tuesday October 10, at 4pm in the parlor

Tuesday, October 10, we have a very special opportunity to hear and talk with LaTanya Steele, the Director of the Senior Center in Needham.  She will talk about old and new programs at the Senior Center (The Center at the Heights), give us materials, and listen to our suggestions about how they might be able to meet our needs in the future.

Some of you have participated in programs at the Senior Center, and you’ll have a chance to share your thoughts and recruit your friends from the Positively Aging group.  For those of you, who have never gone to a class, program, trip, etc. at the Senior Center, this is your chance to get connected.  There are SOOOO many wonderful things offered there.  There must be something for each of us.  

Please come to hear, participate, and share in another afternoon with good friends.  You’re missed when you’re not there.  Tuesday, October 10 at 4:00 in the parlor at First Parish.  We’ll provide the drinks and snacks.  

The Positively Aging Planning Team:  Helen Lane, Phyllis Beck, Fred Kresse and Kay Taylor  

Positively Aging: Antiques Road Show — Needham Style

Tuesday, May 9, at 4pm in the Parlor

We are lucky to have in our church an antiques expert, Jamie Turbayne, who will be our guest at our May 8 Positively Aging meeting. Jamie will talk a little about how he got into antiques and what he does now, and then he’ll talk with us about the “antiques” that we bring in.So, it’s up to YOU! Have you wondered about the value of that vase at the back of your china closet? Do you have a painting, a small chair, a lamp, a wall hanging, etc., etc., that you have inherited from your family? Do you have a “what’s it?” that is in a drawer or in the garage?

Please bring one or several things that you’d like to get Jamie’s opinion on. This is our own version of Antiques Roadshow. Come to have fun and learn about antiques either at your house or someone else’s house. Most of all, come to enjoy being with friends.

The meeting will start at 4:00, with refreshments and lots of good conversation. We hope you’ll be there.

Positively Aging Tackles Trump

Positively Aging will meet Tuesday January 10 at 4:00 in the parlor.  Our topic will be:  TRUMP:  How did he get here and what’s gonna happen?  John Miller, an economist and professor at Wheaton College, will lead the discussion with plenty of opportunity for lots of varying views to be expressed and discussed.

In addition to his role at Wheaton, John writes a column regularly for Dollars & Sense Magazine.  Titles of some of his recent articles are:  Criminal Inequality:  Progressives are not Guilty; “Equal Pay” is not so Equal; Walled Off from Reality:  Trump’s claims about immigration economics are without merit.

We’re experimenting with a change to the Positively Aging meetings.  Instead of having a soup supper after the discussion, we’ll have light refreshments and a chance for more conversation with John.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the economic implications of the Trump presidency.

Positively Aging Annual Holiday Party

By , Published on November 29, 2016
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Tuesday, December 13, at 4pm in the parlor

Positively Aging will have its annual Holiday Party Tuesday December 13 at 4:00 in the parlor. We’ll have our usual unplanned potluck, and drinks will be provided.
In the past, we have brought childrens’ books to give to the Home for Little Wanderers. This year, we have a special opportunity to contribute books. Continue reading…

Positively Aging:  Eye Health and Issues as We Age

Tuesday, November 8, 4-6pm in the Parlor

Our speaker and resource person will be Dr. Tom Hedges, an internationally recognized specialist in eye diseases.

You may know Tom as Gail Hedges’ husband, but you may not known about his professional qualifications.  Tom is Professor of Ophthalmology and Neurology at Tufts University and Director of Neuro-Ophthalmology at New England Eye Center.  In those roles, Tom has travelled all over the world giving talks and symposia on eye health and eye diseases.  He has travelled many times to Cuba and Guatemala, working with eye doctors in those countries as they face a myriad of eye diseases unique to tropical countries.

We have asked Tom to talk some about his work in other countries and to focus also on issues of eye health for older people including macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Plan to stay for soup, salad and bread, and the wonderful chance to socialize and support each other.

Who We Are, Anyway!

It’s …”Not For Sissies.” Bette Davis

And indeed growing old is not for sissies.  Through personal reflections from Kay Taylor, Helen Lane, Fred Kresse and Norman Abbott you will have a window into the lives of these seniors ranging in age from 79 to 97. They are aging positively in our midst and are representative of a much larger group all of whom are not sissies and are finding different ways to walks this path. The reflections will center around where is the meaning, what are the pitfalls, what keeps us going, what has changed. Come, be surprised and above all make a connection.

Children in service for first 15 minutes, followed by Religious Exploration classes.  Infant and toddler care available.

Junior Youth Group bowling outing.

Senior Youth Group meets at 7 in the Parlor.


Bartók performance by Larry Berman: January 12

Tuesday, January 12 at 4:00pm in the Sanctuary.  Larry Berman, a well-known concert pianist and friend of First Parish, will present a musical program entitled “Living with the Earth:  Hungarian Folk Music-8 pieces from ‘For Children'” by Béla Bartók .  Larry will intersperse his piano renditions with background stories for each piece.  Larry is a consummate raconteur-you will be captivated.  ALL ARE INVITED.  Presented by the Positively Aging committee.

April Positively Aging

Tuesday, April 14, at 4 pm in the Parlor

Our long-postponed program on Preventing Falls and Achieving Better Balance is now scheduled for April 14. Lynn Clancy, a Needham physical therapist, will lead us in gentle exercises designed to give us confidence in our abilities and motivate us to continue healthy practices at home.  We will also discuss ways to make our homes safer so that we can prevent falls.
The statistics about older adults and FALLS are staggering.  Often a major fall at home, outdoors, or at another place can be the beginning of the downward slide toward the end of life.  After a major fall, few adults recover the abilities they had before.  The period of convalescence after a fall leads to loss of muscle tone, isolation, and an inability to do the things that make life meaningful.
Keeping ourselves healthy is a major goal of Positively Aging.  “Use it or lose it” is the motto we’ve all heard.  It applies to all of us.

Bring your exercise mat or a heavy towel.  If you are using exercise equipment at home, bring it with you. (Don’t bring your treadmill!)  Come at 4:00 and plan to stay for supper after.  Most of all—COME!  We miss you when you’re not there.

The Positively Aging Planning Team:  Fred Kresse,
Helen Lane, Phyllis Beck and Kay Taylor

March Positively Aging: It’s a Jungle

By , Published on February 25, 2015
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Tuesday, March 10, at 4 pm in the Parlor 

It’s a jungle out there of health care programs, plans, facilities, options, living situations, copays etc. Our speaker, Carol Westheimer, has been brave enough to penetrate that jungle, to come back alive, and help us find strength and direction. President of CRW Care Management, she is an expert at helping people find  their best possible track through the senior health care bush. 

As usual, we will end our meting with conversation over a light dinner of soup and bread.

February Positively Aging with Lyn Clancy

Positively Aging meets Tuesday, February 10, at 4 pm in the Parlor. We will be talking about preventing falls with physical therapist Lyn Clancy. Lyn finds it most rewarding to be working with older people. We will be focusing on our homes, various pieces of equipment to aid our exercise programs, techniques to keep in mind, and hands-on demonstrations of exercises to keep us upright and moving. A program for the very fit and the not so fit or to help a friend or family member who is having problems with falling. As usual, we will end our meting with conversation over a light dinner of soup and bread.