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Legacy Giving – A Simple Codicil to Your Will

By , Published on September 21, 2017
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The Legacy Giving Committee would like to thank all of you who stopped by our table at the Volunteer fair.  Many people asked how they could include First Parish in Needham (FPN) in their estate plan with a codicil to their will.  You are not required to have an attorney for most legal documents, but often it is a good idea to get legal advice before signing. A codicil is every bit as significant, and has the same binding legal effect, as a will. Wills and codicils must be witnessed by two disinterested witnesses. A notary public is not required, but is a good idea in case there is a subsequent will contest – the notary can testify as to what happened, and as to his or her opinion regarding competence, absence of duress, and the like.  The UUA has provided this language for use. 

Unrestricted Gift

I give ________ [$ amount description of property, or % of estate] to the First Parish in Needham Unitarian Universalist located at23 Dedham Avenue, Needham, MA 02492, for its unrestricted use.

 Restricted Gift

I give to the, First Parish in Needham Unitarian Universalist located at23 Dedham Avenue, Needham, MA 02492, [___ % of my estate or the sum of $________] to be used for [stated purpose]. If at any time in the judgment of the organization’s board of trustees it is deemed impossible or impracticable to carry out the above purpose, the Parish Committee shall determine a purpose as near as possible to that description above.

Please submit a copy of your completed paperwork to the UUA along with the form on the Legacy Challenge website.

If you have questions, reach out to the Legacy Giving Committee – Katie Barnett, Jim Leffingwell, Nancy Simpson-Banker, Eileen and Rick Vincent. Ad hoc members: Bob Rands and Bob Smart.

For more information, see Legacy Giving Campaign.

Legacy Giving Campaign

By , Published on September 9, 2017
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The Legacy Giving Committee is excited to share with you that First Parish in Needham will be participating in the Wake Now Our Vision Campaign this fall. The UU Congregation at Shelter Rock has provided a $5 million challenge grant to encourage legacy giving among UU organizations and congregations. A legacy gift is a significant charitable gift during a donor’s life or at death that is part of his or her financial or estate plan. To inspire new legacy gift commitments, First Parish in Needham will qualify for a cash match of 10% of the gift’s estimated value (up to $10,000 per donor)! You will hear more about this in the coming months. If you want to learn how to make a legacy gift to First Parish, stop by the Legacy Giving table at the volunteer fair on September 17th. If you want to speak privately, reach out to any of the committee members or to Nancy Simpson-Banker, the committee chair, or one of the committee members: Katie Barnett, Jim Leffingwell, Eileen and Rick Vincent. Bob Rands and Bob Smart are ad hoc members of the committee.

For more information, see Legacy Giving – A Simple Codicil to Your Will.

Workshop on Our Shared Legacy: Planned Giving for Unitarian Universalists

By , Published on September 25, 2016
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Sunday, October 16, 12 noon in the Parlor
Rev. Laura Randall, leading

Fresh off of preaching on “Legacies of Love“, Rev. Laura Randall, who is the Legacy Gifts Manager at the UUA, will present the planned giving basics and best practices for building a healthy planned giving program in our congregation. Come learn how simple planned giving really can be and the power it has to transform your congregation and Unitarian Universalism for generations to come.

If you have questions about these special programs, reach out to Nancy Simpson-Banker (Trustee of Invested Funds) at