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Budget Drive Update

By , Published on March 22, 2017
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Our Values. Our Growth. Together!

As of March 19, our ‘pledge plant’ is looking great with 100 leaves to represent 100 pledges.  Thank you to all who have their financial commitments to First Parish for the coming year!

Our campaign progress is great, BUT THERE IS MORE ROOM FOR THE PLANT TO GROW.  For those who have not pledged, we ask that you please respond to let us know your plans ASAP. You can pledge in the following ways:

  1. Securely pledge online by visiting, clicking “Sign In”, clicking on the “Giving” tab, and selecting the 2017-2018 year from the dropdown
  2. Contact Susanna in the office (either in person or via email at
  3. Email or call any member of the budget drive committee

The Budget Drive Committee will begin follow up this week, and your timely reply helps keep our email and call lists shorter.  More importantly, information about next year’s financial projections allows Parish Committee to set a realistic budget for the year to come.

Katie Barnett, Erik Bailey, David Mackey, Joyce McGovern 

Support the Rice Family

By , Published on September 25, 2016
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Don and Agnes Leathe’s older daughter, Carrie Rice, and her family have just experienced a major tragedy: their home in Arlington, Virginia, caught on fire and is considered a near-total loss. Fortunately, Carrie, her husband James, and their three daughters (all of whom have been dedicated at First Parish) were on vacation with Agnes and Don at the time, and no one was hurt. However, they lost everything in the fire and smoke. If you’d like to financially support them as they rebuild their life together, one of their friends has set up a GoFundMe fundraising site at and gift cards to their favorite stores (Amazon, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, and GAP) can be sent to Don and Agnes to be delivered to the Rice family. Thank you for keeping the Rice family in your heart and prayers at this difficult time.


Legacies of Love

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Worship Service
Sunday, October 16, 2016
10:30am in the Meetinghouse
Rev. Laura Randall, preaching

We are each the inheritors and the creators of legacies, for good and ill. What legacies do you aspire to? Struggle with? What legacies are you creating with your own life? What legacies are we, as Unitarian Universalists, creating together? The Rev. Victoria Safford says that transformation comes from “thinking of yourself already as an ancestor, a leaver of legacies for descendants you will never meet, but whose lives are already intertwined with yours.” Join us as we explore the legacies that shape and inspire our shared ministry with the Rev. Laura Randall from the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Rev. Randall will present a related workshop on “Planned Giving for Unitarian Universalists” at noon in the Parlor.

Children attend first 15 minutes, followed by Religious Exploration classes.  Infant and toddler care available downstairs.

Senior Youth Group meets at 7pm in the Parlor.

About Rev. Randall:  As the UUA Legacy Gifts Manager, Reverend Randall helps individuals and congregations nurture the faith we love through planned giving. She is the Affiliate Community Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Area Church in Sherborn, Massachusetts, serving the broader community through ministries of stewardship and chaplaincy. Laura is a chaplain with AseraCare Hospice and serves on the board of Healing Moments Alzheimer’s Ministry. Laura lives in Medford, Massachusetts with her husband, Luke, and their dogs.


Close Calls and Second Chances

By , Published on June 24, 2016
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Worship Service
Sunday, July 31, 10:30am in the Parish Hall
Josh Leach, preaching

Sometimes in life we had to get things wrong in order to get them right. Somewhere along the way, though, someone had to give us a second chance. This sermon is about those necessary mistakes in our lives, and asks whether our society is giving people enough of an opportunity to make them — and to learn from them.

Josh Leach is currently serving as the student minister at First Parish UU in Bedford, MA. He was born in Texas, grew up in Florida, went to college at the University of Chicago, and then went on to get an MDiv at Harvard Divinity, graduating in the spring of 2015. He spends the rest of his working hours during the week at the UU Service Committee, where he has helped to promote refugee rights and immigrant justice. Josh — the son of a current UU minister and former DRE — has had a hopeless case of UUism for a long time running. He is greatly enjoying his time at Bedford and is excited to begin his career in the ministry.

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