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The Making Room Initiative: What’s Next?

By , Published on February 18, 2017
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The Making Room Task Force wants to thank all the attendees at the Congregation Meeting on Sunday, February 12.  There was a lively discussion about possible options to increase the seating capacity of the sanctuary.  In the end, the Task Force recommended: 1) refurbishing the balcony, and 2) simulcast the video of the Sunday service to a “Worship Cafe” in Parish Hall.  The Worship Cafe would be a pilot program to create an alternative, more informal worship space, serving coffee and allowing parishioners to stretch or move around more freely during the service.   Both of these recommendations will require investments in technology, furniture, or personnel.  These recommendations have now been passed to the Parish Committee, which will seek to incorporate these ideas within our operating budget.  With the Annual Budget Drive about to kick into high gear, please consider upping your pledge for these items to create more room and build a more welcoming space to our neighbors in these stressful times.