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Discussion about Civil Disobedience

By , Published on May 13, 2016
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Have you ever wondered why people (like me) engage in civil disobedience or nonviolent civil resistance?  You are invited to a dialogue with me about the question this Sunday, May 15, at noon in the parlor.  I am writing this on Wednesday, but planning to take part in civil disobedience tomorrow morning, so my

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Immigration Task Force

By , Published on June 1, 2015
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Dear friends at First Parish,NeedhamImmigrationTaskForce

Through the good graces of her mother, Phyllis Mays (a member of the immigration group I chair), the Needham Area Immigration Justice Task Force is able to cosponsor with the Needham Human Rights Committee a presentation by one of the preeminent immigration lawyers in the country.  The speaker, Margaret Stock, will offer what I expect to be a powerful analysis of the Future of Immigration Reform  in the United States.  Her contributions to society were recognized by the MacArthur Foundation in granting her one of the highly-coveted  “Genius Awards.”

Achieving comprehensive, humane immigration reform in this country is a matter that should concern us all.  It is, in fact, critical to the future of maintaining a vital democracy in our society.  Please consider coming if you are available on June 8. The event will be at 7:30 at the Broadmeadow School, 120 Broad Meadow Road in Needham. 

Clark Taylor

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