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Striving for Beginner’s Mind

By , Published on September 2, 2014

Catie ScuderaWelcome, members and friends of First Parish, to our first month together!

The past few years have been an exciting and busy time at this congregation: the capital campaign, the new building, new multigenerational programming and adaptations, the departure of a beloved minister and music director, two-year-interims for both of those positions… And, now, we have arrived, together diving into the fourth century of First Parish’s ministry. Continue reading…

The Metta Mind


The Metta Mind PDF

For our multigenerational Ingathering worship service, we’ll all participate in the Unitarian Universalist water communion ceremony (remember your water from your summer adventures!) and reflect on humanity’s deep commonalities beneath our superficial differences. We’ll explore what it means to cultivate the Buddhist metta mind of compassion and openness, particularly at this start of the shared ministry of First Parish with its two newest program staff members, Rev. Catie Scudera and Irina Georgieva.


Even the Pinky Toe

By , Published on May 1, 2014
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Unitarian Universalism’s Seven Principles are each rooted in the beliefs that every being is unique and important and that we are all deeply interconnected with the earth and each other. In candidating minister Catie Scudera’s second sermon at First Parish, we will acknowledge and celebrate that we each have talents and gifts to offer for the betterment of our congregation and the broader community. 


Heaven Knows Where We Are Going

By , Published on April 28, 2014
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Do you ever feel anxious or afraid about uncertainties ahead in your life? In our first worship service with candidating minister Catie Scudera, we’ll explore how to cultivate and sustain faith when facing the unknown. Perhaps we, like the great Persian poet Rumi, can “forget safety, live where [we] fear to live, destroy [our] reputation, be notorious”! 

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