Pastoral Care Team

The mission of the Pastoral Care Team is to nurture a spirit of hope and caring that reaches out to all members of our congregation. Working closely with the minister, the Pastoral Care Team works together to:

  • Identify situations that need caring attention and make appropriate assignments to meet those needs
  • Support and visit those who are unable to attend church regularly
  • Support families and friends involved in care giving
  • Provide mutual support and fellowship for one another in monthly meetings, while also looking toward our own spiritual growth and enrichment

We invite you to contact any one of us or send an email to

  • Reverend Catie Scudera
  • Becky Siebens
  • Buffy Duhig
  • Carolyn Lynes
  • Helen Lane
  • Janet Klein (Chair)
  • Fred Kresse
  • Judy Hadrick
  • Lyn Jekowsky
  • Peter DiMarzio
  • Phil Griffith
  • Rick Vincent


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