Green Covenant

The Green Covenant of First Parish

Setting ourselves to the task of Greening our Congregation, 
together we promise these things:

          Most simply, we will each do our small part
          to care for the earth around us.

We will start with one step forward toward the thriving
world that we envision.

          Then we will step again, and again, setting
          forth together in this community.

Deep problems call for religious answers. Recognizing the
depth and urgency of the environmental crisis, we must
answer the earth’s call to our spirits.

          We will bring the concerns of the earth to live
          deep in our hearts and in the heart of this

Realizing that we have been too concerned with consuming
things now, we must turn our attention to the future.

          We will take up the needs of the generations
          to come: clean water to drink, sweet air to breathe.

Acknowledging the earth most basically as our home, we
must set about the task of restoration.

          In this our congregational home, we will find
          small and large ways to remember the
          environment in our worshiping, our learning,
          our celebrating, and our justice-making.

Aware of the urgency and complexity of our environmental
crisis, we end by promising simply this:

          As people of faith, we pledge ourselves to
          work toward a planet transformed by our care.

                                                                           ~ Molly Housh Gordon

Children’s Green Covenant

The following Children’s Covenant to Green Sanctuary, written by former Director of Religious Education Irene Praeger, has also been used in our regular services, as welll as in Children’s Worship.

        Children’s Covenant to Green Sanctuary
of First Parish in Needham, Unitarian Universalist

With the goal of making our congregation green, we the children of First Parish promise:

          We will do whatever we can to care for the
          earth around us.

We will start by taking one step forward toward healing
our earth.

          Today we will join hands to care for our
          beautiful building and grounds and all the
          creatures who share this space with us.

We know that we have paid more attention to what we
want rather than what we need.

          We promise to pay more attention to those
          things that we really need, so that we can give
ourselves and the children who come after us
          clean water to drink and sweet air to breathe.

Big problems call for UU kids to take action.

          We must act now using open minds, loving
          hearts and hands that serve.

Knowing that the earth is our home, we pledge to do our
part to respect the circle of life.

          In our church home we will always look for
          ways both small and large to honor and
          celebrate the wonder and beauty of our
          natural world.

                                                             ~ Irene Praeger, DRE, CRE